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​How Booonkid got started

It all started with my own family's needs. My success with my children's approval adds a personal touch to my business. I combined my skills in industrial and graphic design with my personal experience to create a solution like Booonkid©.  I've found a passion in creating custom bedroom solutions for small apartments and in multifunctional spaces for families. 

I now offer to help others in similar situations by addressing the challenge of limited space in New York City, especially with a growing family, and turning it into a creative opportunity. I not only solve a practical problem but also add an element of joy and functionality to family life.

My story can resonate with many families facing similar challenges in urban environments, and I offer to help others create multifunctional spaces is a thoughtful way to share my expertise. The Booonkid concept is a great solution for families dealing with limited space in a city like New York and It is a wonderful way to contribute to the community.  

Let me help you create a one-of-a-kind space your kids will love to spend time in.


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